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Introducing the Trifecta Light Bed

Finally, the most powerful red and near-infrared light bed is here. The Trifecta Light Bed contains 3,200 “high intensity” LEDs powered with 3,000 mW diodes. The total power of 9,600 watts makes this bed the most powerful red light bed on the market today.

led bed

• The Trifecta Light bed is uniquely designed to allow the lights to come very close to the body  
• Integrated 635nM red and 880nM near-infrared (NIR) Lights    
• Built to UL Standards    • CE Compliant    
• ISO 9001 Compliant



Your client will enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  A typical treatment is only 10 minutes in duration.  As your cells absorb the light, various healing and anti-aging aspects of the body take place. As energy production is restored, by increasing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), healing of wounds, tendons, nerves and muscles is achieved.

led bed


The initial cost of the Trifecta Light quickly pays for itself.  With the quick and easy treatment times, more patients/clients can be treated, without hiring additional technicians.

led bed

Key Advantages

• Most powerful LED bed on the market

• Introductory pricing

• Simple-to-use Technology

• Short treatment times

• Easy cleaning/sanitizing

• White Glove delivery and installation – Your Trifecta Light is delivered by a reputable freight company and then our specialized “in-house” team will assemble and go over the basic operations.